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The Parish has plenty of opportunities for people to get involved
in various activities. Simply contact the person listed for more details or contact the presbytery.

Folk Group

The Folk Group are a group of musicians who lead the music at the 9.30am Masses on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, as well as other important liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

New members are always welcome to play and/or sing!

For further details contact Martin Braithwaite at

Readers & Eucharistic Ministers

Readers and Eucharistic Ministers play an important part in the Liturgical and Spiritual life of the Parish.

Readers on the rota read the readings and psalm at weekend Masses and also read the bidding prayers.

Eucharistic Ministers not only help to distribute Holy Communion but also go out into the parish to give Communion to Parishioners who are unable to attend Mass due to illness or infirmity.

Anyone who wishes to be a reader or a Eucharistic Minister needs to contact Fr Jack or Fr Philip

Altar Servers

Holy Family Parish has a dedicated team of Altar Servers who assist the Priests on the altar at all weekend Masses and other other liturgical occasions.

For a boy or girl to start serving they must have made their first Holy Communion, undertake training and make a weekly commitment to attend Mass.

Contact: The Parish Priest

Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy is a separate Liturgy of the Word for children at the 9.30am Mass each Sunday, where we aim to introduce children to important aspects of God's Message. We try to do this by allowing them to celebrate God's word at their own pace, giving them the opportunity to offer their thoughts and reflections, following the pattern of normal congregational liturgy. We hope that they gain an experience of being part of a community, the parish, and the feeling that their thoughts and ideas are valued by that community. By using symbols and movements of the liturgy we endeavour to help them discover how the Word of God has meaning in their daily lives. We hope that by offering a Children's Liturgy of the Word, we can help support families with young children in the parish.

New helpers are always welcomed!

Contact: The Parish Priest

APF - Mill Hill Missions

The Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF) was founded in Lyons in 1822 by Pauline Jaricot. One century later, Pope Pius XI made the organisation the official mission-funding society for the whole Church.

In this country, the APF works with the Mill Hill Missionary Society. Founded in 1866 by Cardinal Vaughan it is the only major missionary society to have been formed in Britain and its priests, lay brothers and associates work in 27 countries and every continent.

Supporters of APF-Mill Hill keep a red Mission Box in their homes, helping the missions with their contributions and prayers.

If you wish to support the missions and have an alms box in your home

Contact: The Parish Priest

The Southport Walsingham Association

The Walsingham Association exists for devotion to Our Lady by prayers and support to the Shrine. It is a nationwide association with around 5000 members. Most members make an annual pilgrimage to Walsingham. However, in addition, some WA branches also have other pilgrimages to special Shrines and run excursions for members.

Each November the Walsingham Association holds its AGM and at this its policy os decided by its members. In March a further, more informal meeting takes place.

Membership to the Walsingham Association is open to all and membership forms can be obtained by phoning 01328 820217 or emailing . The national website is

Email: for local information

Ladies Group

We meet every fortnight on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30pm

We exist to:

  • get to know other ladies in the Parish;

  • organise social occasions;

  • arrange money-making events;

  • invite speakers on a variety of topics.

Everyone is welcome and we need the support of parishioners in Holy Family.

Contact: Josie Mercer on 01704 542583.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP)

Founded in Paris in the 1930's, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul now has groups in 130 countries and over 900 000 members.

There are both material and social needs which the SVP can relieve as part of our person-to-person commitment. Members of the society visit families, elderly people and those in hospitals or residential homes to help to combat the loneliness and isolation felt by many.

Although the SVP is a Catholic society and works mainly at Parish level, membership is open to men and women from any demonination, since by working together in works of charity, we hope to reduce prejudice and to foster an understanding betweeen races and cultures.

If you wish to join the SVP at Holy Family, make a donation, find out more or pass the name and address of someone who needs our help:

Contact: The Parish Priest

The Knights of Saint Columba (KSC)

The Knights of St Columba are an Order of Catholic Laymen dedicated to the Service of the Church and fellow man. The Organisation, which is non-political and essentially democratic, exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual and material good of its members and their families.

In accordance with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, members will diligently work for the Moral and Social Welfare of our Country and in particular to help young people develop in the likeness of Christ. Members of the Order will strive to achieve these aims through the fundamental virtues of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

The K.S.C. is not a secret society; there are no passwords, handshakes, etc. The Order is completely open and potential members may attend meetings. Admission ceremonies often take place in Church during Mass

Contact: ?????????

The Catholic Women's League (CWL)

  • with an organisation that encourages women to use their talents locally, nationally and internationally;

  • with women who meet together in prayer, socially and to discuss what is relevant to them in the church and the world today;

  • with fellow members who are working to meet the needs of the world at all levels of society;

  • with women who are active in many areas of social welfare, particularly with families, the elderly and handicapped;

  • with women who teach children unable to receive education in the faith through postal courses and summer camps;

  • with an organisation committed to alleviating the plight of refugees in this country;

  • with women involved internationally through the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations;

Contact: ???????



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